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Here you should be able to find all the latest versions of all the (freely) available 3rd party libraries, for Blitz Basic 2. All commercial libraries (are there any apart from the BSS ones which you can now download?) are mentioned, or have links to demo versions of the libraries. For more information on the library in question, or to download the library, click on the name of the library.

Note that these are just actual Blitz extension libraries, and do not include standard OS libraries. A page to be created in the future will list all the converted OS libraries, only if they are not just conversions. Anybody can do that using FDConvert. They will be included if there are decent examples, or if use of the library has been wrapped into easy to use functions.

If you know of a library which is not listed here, or a later version than is listed here, please email us. Currently there are 103 libraries in the pool.

If you are looking for the AmiBlitz distribution libraries as separate files, you can download this file. Note that some of the library numbers listed in this section of the site may be different from the officially allocated numbers (see the davidsdeflibs.txt file in the Amiblitz archives). This is because this section lists the library numbers of the libraries as they are distributed.

 Description   Latest version   Library number   Author 
AaronsIconLib - deals with file icons   62 Aaron Koolen
BDChunkyLib - chunky graphics display mode drawing 1.0 10 Xavier Nuel
BDGfxLib - palette and ILBM commands 1.5 9 Xavier Nuel
BUD Fast Searcher - search memory for strings 1.0 n/a Mike Carter
CatScrapLib(sp? ;) - small example library 1.04 102 Toby Zuijdveid
CD32Lib control audio and battery memory of CD32   113 Acid Software
ChunkyLib - commands for chunky-mode displays   72 Acid Software
EFMUILib - for writing MUI applications 2 8 Erwan Fouret / Rob Hutchinson
Elmore libs - 6 different libraries     Richard T. Elmore
EMLLib - tracker module playing commands 1.76 60 Paul Reece
FuzziesReqLib - allows use of req.library 1.1 53 Peter Tavinor
GKDBaseLib - database type functions 1.0 10 Graham Kennedy
HelpLib - replacement for Blitz2 online help 1.1 41 Kevin Winspear
IFFYouWantLib - create animation files from single frames 1 83 Mathias Parnaudeau
LeeFuncLib - intuition and exec commands 1.1 40 Lee Packham
LotanLibs - replacements for most libraries with faster/smaller/newer functions 1.0 n/a Lotan (Olivier Laviale)
MazFPULib - maths commands which use FPU directly 1.0 35 R. Mazur
MethodBBLib - object oriented commands, for datatypes, boopsi, MUI, etc 1.4 n/a Erwan Fouret
MikesMapLib - background map functions using tiles 1.01 15 Michael Milne
MikesSpaceFXLib - starfield commands 1.1 16 Michael Milne
Mildred - everything for drawing in chunky graphics and conversions 1.5 15&16 Paul West
MSDLib - Library written to replace many shape and drawing functions (and other misc commands) for the game MSD 2.30 63 David McMinn
MSDPrefsLib - Reading and writing of encrypted (preference) files for the game MSD   125 David McMinn
MUIBBLib   126  
NeilsIndicatorLib - progress bar commands 1.02 55 Neil O'Rourke
NeilsReqToolsLib - allows use of reqtools requesters (with reqtools.library) 1.70 54 Neil O'Rourke
NLibs - collection of 24 optimised replacement libraries (aka NewCommandSet or NCS)     Frederic Laboureur
OM3D - trigonometry commands and chunky to planar commands   7 Oliver Michel
QuickLib - faster number and chunky mode commands 1.21 10 Giuseppe Perniola
RIBlitzLibs - 33 wide-ranging libraries (part of the Blitz Support Suite)     Red When Excited
Romulus libs - 5 libraries for simplifying OS things     andre bergmann
RWEMathLib - matrix and chunky drawing commands   23 Red When Excited
STRPortLib - easy access and full control over Amiga's IO ports (parallel, etc) 1.2 40 Stephan Richartz
TagListLib - easy creation of taglists 1.1 171 Patrik Radman
TCPLib - easy use of TCP/IP from Blitz without having to get dirty in the bsdsocket.library directly 2.10 71 Rick Hodger
XB Sound Libs - 3 libraries dealing with various sound and mod formats   4 Crossbones

If you want a list of free library numbers, or want to check the normal library number a library uses, you can check out the list of free library numbers (adapted from the list created by Fred Labourer in the NCS).

For a number of tools for managing and installing libraries, take a look at our install section to get an idea of how to install the libraries, and then visit the tools section for the programs you will need. If you are interested in writing a library, there is information in the library developer archive in our documents section.

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