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13Aug04Latest version of the Blitz GadTools fix uploaded
15Jul03Amorel Uploaded a simple example on how to access the serial port using the OS.
26Apr03Uploaded fixed version of gadtools library (GTToggle list,id,state did not work)
05Apr03Mailing list archives for April uploaded.
04Mar03Mailing list archives uploaded and up to date. AmiBlitz 2.30 distributions added. Looking for help with site, please contact us.
29Sep022nd BETA version of AB2.27/PED2.27 with bugfixed optimiser, speedups and code sizes reduced. New all.res file which combines all styles of OS structures (those with and without underscores - use any source without having to fiddle with resident files!) released. Distributions updated to include this new resident file.
02Sep02Beta version of AB2.27 uploaded. Mailing list archives for June, July and August uploaded.
25Jun02New version of BlitzGTFix (gadtools library for Blitz) uploaded which has the debug output turned off. Your code should run at normal speed once again :)
20Jun02Fixed version of SDSTCPLibrary online in Libraries section.
09Jun02AmiBlitz2.26 distributions available.
Mailing list archives for May 2002 and Blitz User International magazines 4 to 8 added to Documents section.
22May02All dead/broken links fixed/removed (I hope :). Webring info altered since that's probably dead beyond all control.
Added AmiBlitz requirements to the introduction section. Removed some of the old AmiBlitz archives to save space on the mirror sites.
03May02April 2002 list archives uploaded.
27Apr02March 2002 list archives uploaded. AmiBlitz2.26 BETA archive uploaded.
27Mar02AmiBlitz distributions updated to include the required wizard.library and and older (bug less bugged) ElmoreDosLib (commands for DOS type functions - distribution libraries archive also updated).
25Mar02AmiForce's AmiBlitz mailing list information added in the List/Forum/IRC section.
09Mar02February mailing list archives uploaded. More programming section done. Link to German AmiBlitz site (AmiForce) added. AmiBlitz distribution libraries available for separate download (as separate library files). New version of GTLib. Details about AmiBlitz web forums and IRC channels added. New main server.
27Feb02Fixed version of the Gadtools library uploaded
12Feb02More of the Program Flow programming topic updated.
BlitzList archives for January 2002 uploaded (in the Documents section).
06Feb02Troubleshooting updated to include some AmiBlitz2 stuff
MUI programming tutorials updated to have a more consistent style and correct HTML.
Program flow topic in programming section continued.
Some example code in the programming section now downloadable.
01Feb02AmiBlitz2.24 full distribution (with complete libraries - bbgtlib, palette and audio fixes) uploaded in Archives/BB2 section.
Latest BlitzGTFix uploaded to Archives/Patch section (AmiBlitz2.23 distribution already has this included).
German and English full text original manuals (mixture of postscript and text) in Archives/Documents section.
Program Flow topic started in Programming section.
Installation updated for AmiBlitz2.
Free library numbers should now contain all the publically available libraries.
Original Blitz2 PD and Examples disks in the Archives/General section.
Lots of other smaller useful code snippets spread around the archives section.
(Oh, and some of the online mailing list archives had to be removed, so expect random broken links ;)
14Jan02AmiBlitz2.23 update uploaded
30Dec01Blitz User Magazine archives uploaded, more programming documents written.
15Dec01Online help updated, AmiBlitz distribution updated, search indexes updated.
11Dec01AmiBlitz 2.21 stable release uploaded, plus a distribution for easily getting a complete setup. November 2001 archives uploaded
06Dec01AmiBlitz 2.2 beta 3 uploaded.
20Nov01AmiBlitz2 uploaded to the site! Version 2.2b1 (new as of 20Nov01)
18Nov01Second MUI page added, mirror sites on front page, programming links only shown if there is content.
12Nov01September and October archives uploaded. Site completely uploaded, but CGI scripts which need GZ lib don't work (gagh!). MUI programming section started courtesy of Steve Hargreaves.
02Sep01August Blitz list archives uploaded
22Aug01Another question added to the troubleshooting section. Arrays/Lists topic in Programming completed. No news about the new host yet *sigh*, although it should be coming.
16Aug01Programming section continued; introduction and variables topics complete. Added new topic to Introduction section: commercial games written in Blitz Basic. ASCII table and keyboard rawkey codes added to documents section.
15Aug01Programming section started. Couple of fixes to the AmigaGuide reader CGI, all mailing list archives should be correctly displayed now.
10Aug01Search engine index files created (took 10 seconds on my Duron750! :). Total site size uncompressed is 29.5Mb :)
First public release of new site. Give us some feedback about it!
09Aug01Libraries section updated and converted to new design.
July 2001 archives uploaded.
All archives set up for using CGI scripts to read online - please test some of these!
08Aug01Mildred section completed.
Couple of tweaks to CGI to get them to work properly in some weird situations.
MUI section completed.
07Aug01Most of the archives section updated (only list archives, libraries, Mildred, MUI to do), Curt Esser's Blitz stuff leeched ;)
26Jul01Mailing list pages updated to new design, search script now displays title and description of pages found.
25Jul01Search engine index creation complete, looks like it works OK. Currently only indexes the HTML pages, not the online list archives, which will be done later.
23Jul01Introduction pages updated and converted to the new site design.
11Jul01External links all verified and rated, topics in programming set and rated.
22Jun01Counter, email, guestbook and autodoc reader CGI all successfully completed.
13Jun01Site redesigned, re-layed out and all broken links and crap text fixed. CGI stuff should work, except the search has not been implemented fully yet (i.e. no searching the full archives).
26Apr01Mildred (Joru) updated again
06Apr01March archives uploaded, Mildred example (Joru) updated
25Mar01New version of STRPortLib updated
18Mar01February list archives uploaded. Email addresses not in page HTML any more, although you can still mail people via a form
11Feb01January list archives uploaded, new URL!
06Jan01December 2000 list archives uploaded
12Dec00November's Blitz list archives put online, blitzgtfix archive re-uploaded (was corrupt i think)
27Nov00New version of blitzgtfix (archives/patches), front page altered, notification list added, hit counter fixed :)
24Nov00Blitz mailings for October online, DLL (arc/gen) updated and YAPI (arc/sys) uploaded.
22Oct00BSS stuff added (BSS plus source). Please ignore the broken hit counter for now.
10Oct00Uploaded September's archives, BB2 main prog may be here soon!
13Sep00Mailing list archives now fully uploaded. DLL, controlpad.library and Investigator 3 updated
05Sep00Moved to new ISP - take note of the new URL! Updated some of the programming sections.
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