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All the Blitz MUI sources we can find will be hosted in this section. Most of the examples use the EFMUILib, by Erwan Fouret and later updated by others. The EFMUILib is the best library for developing MUI applications in Blitz. You'll probably want to head off to the libraries section to download the latest version of the libraries (well, only the EFMUILib really :) you will require.
 Name   Short description   Download from 
AFM Source Animet FTP by Mail v1 source, written by Rui Carvalho, and is a good example to show you a full (small) application in MUI. (More) [35k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
AFM2 Source Animet FTP by Mail v2 source, written by Rui Carvalho. More suitable for experience MUI programmers, and a good reference.(More) [7k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
BB2 MUI Example 1 Probably the simplest and most basic example of how to program with MUI in Blitz that you'll be able to find anywhere - it opens a window with a single gadget in it. Beginners only. (More) [1k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
BB2 MUI Update This updates the version of the resident file which was supplied with the original EFMUILib. It has many more macros, constants and structures for use with 3rd party MCCs, and also has some macros for making sure your programs stack is the correct size, whether you run from CLI, WB or the Blitz2 editor. There are also a couple of examples in there. You do not need this if you downloaded v2 of the EFMUILib. [199k] B2
MUI Lamp example Example of using lamp.mcc. If you have the mui2.res from the update, you do not need to use the resident in this archive, although it does have the source code for the stack checking / extending macros in case you want to see those. (More) [4k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
MUI Custom Req Replacement for MUIRequest command allowing you to add images and other pointless iCandy to them. (More) [11k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
MUI PopList example Very small example of using poplist.mui in your programs, more for the experienced MUI/BB2 programmer. [0.6k] B2
ZBB2 ShowHide example The original showhide C source example (from the main MUI developer archive) converted to Blitz. This uses the DoMethodBBLib and the TagListLib to create the MUI application, although it is far easier to use the EFMUILib. (More) [2k] B2 DE IT SE UK US

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