Blitz Basic 2 Webring

The Blitzring is a web-ring for web sites related to Blitz Basic (for those of you who don't know what a web-ring is, it is a group of sites related to one subject, and all are linked in a ring). The image and links for this webring can be found below. In theory it helps web surfers find a lot of sites related to a specific subject without having to trawl through search engines, as they can simply click on the image and be taken to various sites on the ring. Surfers may now feel free to navigate the ring using the image below, webmasters continue reading. Warning: The original webring that was set up moved to Yahoo and the administrator lost his password. It then moved again, and a lot of people's site's have moved/died. Chances are the webring no longer works.

Blitzring Navigation

blitzring imagemap

For webmasters, it helps generate traffic to their site. If you want to sign up to be a member in this webring, first you must have a web site (bit pointless otherwise). You will also need to know about html authoring.

Initially, when you signup, your site will be placed in a queue and will not be added to the ring until the graphic and html has been added to your site. To download the graphic and ring code segment, click here (6kb, bring.lha).

Add the code to the relavant page on your website (it should be on the page that you submit as the page when you join). You will now need to click on the "Join" button in the image above, but remember to come back here afterwards :)

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Page last modified: 22nd May 2002