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This section of Blitz-2000 holds the biggest library of Blitz related files and links to files you will find on the entire net! Most of the files found here are located on the site. If you find your programs/source here and wish for it to be removed (although everything we put here has either been found on public webservers/mailing lists, or we have got permission from the original authors), please contact us. The reason we have chosen to host most of the files here is to make sure they never get lost.

To download certain files you may have to hold shift and select the link. Most archives we put here are in LHa format, so hopefully they will be downloaded correctly in IE and Netscape. If not, you might want to try this fix. Some of the older mailing list archives were not collected with the attachments as separate files. To get the attachments out of the archives, you may need to save the page, and then run it through either a base64 or uudecoder depending on the format (usually visible on the page).

When you see small flags, that represents a link to download from the Aminet mirror in that country.

The different archive sections are listed on the left. They contain:

  • AmiBlitz2 - Files to download which are relevant to the base installation of AmiBlitz/Blitz Basic 2, e.g. demos of the compiler, editor, debugger, etc
  • Blitz Support Suite - All the parts of the Blitz Support Suite package
  • Patches - Any patches for any part of Blitz, e.g. updated Acid libraries, editor, debugger updates etc.
  • Tools - External tools which may be of use to support Blitz (library managers, map editors, shape converters etc)
  • Documentation - Any kind of documentation which, err, documents anything related to Blitz
  • 3rd party Libraries - All the specifically written 3rd party libraries for Blitz
  • OS Libraries - All the converted OS libraries which have either been packaged for Blitz nicely, or come with some good examples
  • Blitz Mode Source - Example source code for use in Blitz mode (i.e. banging the metal kind of stuff)
  • General Source - Random collections of source which do not fit into one category here
  • MUI Source - Example MUI source code in Blitz
  • Mildred Support - Mirror of the Mildred Support Site - everything related to Mildred (docs, libraries, examples) can be found here
  • System Source - Direct OS use source, or stuff that uses features of the OS
  • Games - Games written in Blitz (sometimes unfinished) and the source code if available.
  • Utilities - Utilities and applications written in Blitz, with source code if available.

We take no resposibility for the functionality of any material found in this section! Nor do we take credit for the work of others. The files found here-in are ©copyright to their respective authors.

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