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Here are links to other sites which give information about Blitz, programming with it, programs written in it, Blitz users or other related sites. Please inform us about broken links or if you would like your site linked to.

 Description Link (Rating/5)
This guy has created a 3D library for Blitz, although all the commands (I think) are Basic statements and functions, so it's quite slow. It does let you see how to do it all and is capable of basic shapes.Visit site (3)
André Beer's site. Home of GeoWorld (written in Blitz). Pages in German and English.Visit site (3)
Anton Reinauer's site, containing extensive information on UDP (and the UDPfuncs! :) and multiplayer gaming.Visit site (2)
AmiForce site - has dedicated AmiBlitz section (including full online German manual) and forumsVisit site (4)
Aminet Basic development directory. Note that not all files are Blitz related! (Flag represents country the Aminet mirror is in) [DE] [IT] [SE] (4)
Blade Programming - has a big FAQ, the source for the manual examples and lots of other documentationVisit site (4)
Blitz FTP site. Kind of like a mini Aminet containing only Blitz stuff (and quite a variety). If you go higher up the directory structure there is lots of other interesting (although not Blitz related) stuff.Visit site (3)
Fish's web effort. Includes a semi-finished tutorial series (although that's still more than what's on this site :), some Blitz Top Tips and discussions of a Blitz3 compiler (which we all know now came to nothing - interesting read though).Visit site (4)
Blitz Basic Tutorial. Unfortunately it only looks like they managed to cover the basics of 'NPrint' before giving up.Visit site (1)
Chaozer's homepage - lots of Blitz stuff, although it also has very good 68k ASM referencesVisit site (4)
Jason Hayman's homepage (of Pagan Software) - An excellent resource with a top class online tutorial (BlitzCBL link) about writing a simple game in Blitz, taking it through in stages from the very beginning.Visit site (5)
Blitz2 automatic catalog creator. Never worked that well when I tried it, and you'd probably be able to support multiple languages far more easily with a plain text file or the locale.libraryVisit site (1)
Domenig Weyermann's Blitz Page. In German, has lots of links to Blitz sites, and the Blitz-list and a German Blitz-list. I think Domenig is/was also the official Blitz distributer in Germany and Austria?Visit site (3)
Fantaisie Software's PureBasic. Born out of the need for Blitz Basic to be updated, this is a new Basic language, which is based on and has many similarities (but none of the bugs :) of Blitz. It produces small and fast executables, and is capable in anything from applications, networking and games. The additional bonus is that it is cross platform (Amiga68k, AmigaWOS, WindowsX86, LinuxX86).Visit site (5)
FreeBlitz site. It used to have the BSS and all the sources, but the links for those have been removed (4 of 5 of the files are still there though: BSSLibSourc, Registry, Stuff and SuperTED). They have also been mirrored in the archives section of this site. Still has all the old information about RWE and their products.Visit site (2)
Archives directory from the above site - contains some patches and things for RWE libraries, SuperTED, Debugger etc.Visit site (2)
Paul Burkey's (of Foundation fame) site. Used to have Blitz functions for controlling the AHI.device, although these seem to be missing. Contains a lot of good links to general game programming resources though.Visit site (3)
PC Blitz Basic (Windows/DirectX). It's been revamped for the Windows platform and is apprently very good. You can only really create games for it though, as those are the only commands it contains.Visit site (4)
Amiga Blast! Has very good Blitz programming information, as well as other languages.Visit site (4)

Please note that these sites will open in a new browser window, and are obviously on different servers from the Blitz 2000 site - we are not responsible for their content.

The rating is at the discretion of the current webmasters and is a rating out of 5 based on usefulness of site contents, reliability and speed of connection. More stars is better. (Perhaps one day I'll write a CGI so that links can be added dynamically and rated by site visitors.)

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