Online discussion opportunities for (Ami)Blitz

Mailing Lists
EMailing lists for Blitz 2 are places where Blitz programmers can exchange ideas, get assistance with problems (programming and Blitz setup) and generally discuss anything Blitz related. And occainsionally, things that aren't Blitz related but affect the Amiga. Or completely off topic stuff :)

Some general guidelines for sending messages to Blitz mailing lists (these may not be enforced, but they are common sense issue):

  • It is better to send code saved as ASCII rather than Blitz 2 tokenised source, because not everyone will have the same libraries as you. Some people may not have access to Blitz where they have access to email (i.e. at work, university, etc.). Sending plain ASCII source means they might be able to help you more quickly.
  • Attachments should be kept to a sensible size. If you want to post something large, you should email the list and ask if anyone would like to receive your file(s). Then you send the file(s) to the interested people directly and not the list. Alternatively, put the file(s) on your website (if you have one) and give people the URL.
  • Pay attention to basic netiquette (swearing, flaming, etc.)
Anyway, the lists available (although that is with no guarantee they are being used frequently) are:

Web Forums
Web forums are an alternative to mailing lists. You post and view messages to the forum via a web browser. The same basic netiquette as above appllies. The currently available forums for AmiBlitz are:

  • AmiForce has a dedicated AmiBlitz forum in its Forums section

IRC channels
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) allows you to talk to other people in real-time, rather than the "post message, wait for reply" style of the previous two discussion methods. At the moment, there are the following IRC channels available for talking about AmiBlitz:

  • Any Undernet server. Channel name is #AmiBlitz. There is no fixed time to meet, so you just have to turn up and take your chances whether anyone is there or not.

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