Welcome! to the Blitz 2000 site.
Welcome to the Blitz 2000 site, your one stop shop for everything Blitz Basic 2 related. If you want to get access to AmiBlitz then you can look at Bernd Roesch's site or the AmiForce website.

Here's what you can find in the sections of this site (in alphabetical order), by following the links at the top or the bottom of the page. (The Blitz 2000 logo returns you to this page.)

  • Archives - The biggest collection of Blitz related files, source code, documentation and libraries in one place? We like to think so.
  • Contact - Details of how to contact the people who made this site, including the guestbook
  • Installation - This explains the installation of Blitz Basic, what the directories and files are for, and also gives an introduction to Blitz libraries
  • Introduction - A general overview of Blitz Basic 2 and where to get it
  • Links - Weblinks to external sites with some Blitz related content
  • List/Forum/IRC - A list of the known emailing lists for Blitz Basic 2, with subscription, etc details, webforums and IRC channels
  • News - News about this site and Blitz in general
  • Programming - A series of tutorials about programming in Blitz, explaining different sections of the language in each topic
  • Search - used for searching this site
  • Troubleshooting - Read this when you are getting weird errors, or are having problems with a Blitz installation
  • Webring - Information and explanation of the Blitz Webring

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