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The downloads below will either let you download the Blitz developer archive only, although this might also be the main developer archive or even the full archive for users. However, do not be surprised if you also need to download the main developer archive (to get the full docs) and the user archive (for the library) which you will be able to find on Aminet.

 Name   Short description   Download from 
BFBPlay Converted library and includes, with examples and documentation for the BFBPlay library, a multiformat mod playing library. (More) [94k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
ControlPad Gives easy access to the library allowing simple and complete use of Sega MegaDrive/Genesis control pads on the Amiga. (More) [16k] B2
FileID includes OK, so I lied, this is just the includes for the FileID library with no examples or stuff. But it will save you a hall of a lot of typing :) (More) [13k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
NewIcons Allows easy use of all the features of the newicons library, with a few good examples. (More) [29k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Preferences Used to be able to handily store and share preference files between programs, as well as easy reading and writing and acessing the information. Mainly usd in Scalos, but can be used for any program. (More) [148k] DE IT SE UK US
PowerPacker A function which allows you to unpack files which have been 'PowerPacked', in Blitz. (More) [28k] B2 DE IT SE UK US

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