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AHI functions Functions and include files to make use of the AHI library (the functions that are part of the AHI device). (More) [20k] B2
AppIcon example Shows you how to create and use AppIcons. [6k] B2
ASL Font requester A font requester using asl.library, combined with tags to give you a font requester with many more options than the Blitz one. (More) [3k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
ASL Multiselect Shows you how to use tags to create a multiple select file requester using asl.library. (More) [2k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
ASL Screen example Another asl.library example, this time using a screenmode requester and demonstrating opening a Screen using tags. [2k] B2
Color fonts How to read the palette information in colourfonts. (More) [2k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
GT Text Reader Make a text reader in a window using a GTListView. (More) [4k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
GTShape image demo This archive contains code and includes which show how to use GUIGfx.library to read in and display any kind of image (via datatypes) as a GTShape gadget (by Thilo Kohler). (More) [8k] B2
Hooks Hooks are a way of extending some OS functions. Simply, the OS function calls one of your own functions that you tell it, so this code shows you how to do that for an ASL screenmode requester. However, the general methods can be applied to any kind of hook. (More) [5k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Messages and Ports An example which uses two separate programs to pass OS messages between each other using message ports. (More) [14k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Multicolumn Reports A set of functions and includes to allow you to produce font sensitive multiple column reports (like a multicolumn listview but less hassle) - by Tony Rolfe. (More) [27k] B2
Multiselect GTListview This code again uses a hook, allowing you to create a multiple select GTListView with gadtools.library. (More) [31k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Outline fonts Shows how to interface to the font engines for outline fonts (e.g. bullet.library, ttf.library, type1.library) to take advantage of the advanced features, such as font rotation and algoithmic boldening. (More) [16k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Password entry GTString gadget This code shows you how to use a hook with GTString gadgets to make them into password entry gadgets (entered characters are displayed as asterisks - by David McMinn/Dave Newton). (More) [4k] B2
Program Return Code This hack allows you to return a value from your Blitz program to wherever it was called from (e.g. Workbench or CLI) - these return codes are usually used to indicate failures in the execution of a program (by Dave Newton). (More) [4k] B2
Transparent Window An example of opening a transparent window on the WB screen and updating it when it gets moved. (More) [2k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Window borders This code shows you how to calculate the sizes of the window borders before you open the window and also works with patches such as VisualPrefs. Useful when you want to create gadgets before opening the window (for cleanliness). (More) [1k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
YAPI Yet Another Progress Indicator - A collection of functions for adding a customisable progress bar indicator to your programs. [13k] B2

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