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 Library Tools   Short description   Download from 
Blitz Investigator Checks out your libraries and reports the command names and library numbers used. Note, this is not the same program as (although I think it was the basis for) Investigator further down this page. (More) [38k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
BlitzLibMan A GUI driven program for managing your Blitz libraries. Can remake deflibs file, inform you of library numbers, examine library commands and a lot more. (More) [44k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
ChangeLib Tool for replacing libraries in the acidlibs and deflibs files. [7k] B2
DefLibMan Another GUI driven library manager. Can remake deflibs, scan library numbers and others. [13k] B2
LibraryMaster Another library manager, but this one includes features not available in other tools. Library master combined with Deflibman is quite a useful combination [36kb] B2
MakeDefLibs This is a standalone CLI program which is used to recompile your deflibs file out of all the separate library files. This can handle any size of library, which previous versions could not. Try this if you prefer it over or have problems with the BlitzLibMan or DefLibMan tools. [9k] B2
NewChangeLibNum A tool that is used for changing the ID number of Blitz libraries - this version allows you to choose and search for library numbers. (More) [21k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
NewerFDConvert An updated version of the 'fdconvert' tool which converts OS libraries to be usable in Blitz. Has GUI and displays free library numbers. (More) [42k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Splitter Small CLI too which splits the acidlibs (or deflibs) file into the separate library files. (More) [2k] B2
Stripper Extracts command names from the acidlibs and deflibs files and saves them to a text file. (More) [10k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
 Source Tools   Short description   Download from 
AMOS2Blitz Converts your old AMOS source code into Blitz code. (More) [18k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Investigator3 Scans your source code and tells you which libraries and commands are being used. Useful for optimisation. [72k] B2
Source checker Checks your source for unused/uninitialised variables in statements and functions. Helps in in extreme cases of debugging nightmares. [12k] B2
 Graphics Tools   Short description   Download from 
PPaint7 One of the best pixel bitmap paint packages available on any system. (More) [3.0M] DE IT SE UK US
BlitzMap An excellent tile based map editor for Blitz programmers. (More) [99k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
FramesTaker A utility to grab a series of shapes from IFF pictures. (More) [13k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Orpheus Tool to create AGA copper lists for inclusion in Blitz programs. (More) [41k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Painter A paint package for manipulating and drawing shapes. (More) [70k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
RainCreator Creates rainbow coloured palettes(More) [43k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
ShapeConverter A tool for creating shapes out of IFF picture files. (More) [29k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
ShapeCr Another program for drawing shapes in either AGA or ECS screenmodes. (More) [62k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
ShapeGen Collects IFF brush files into one file of Blitz shapes. (More) [36k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
ShpShow Shape file viewer. (More) [17k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
 GUI Tools   Short description   Download from 
BBGTCodeCreator Intuition source code creator for GadTools gadgets, windows and screens. Create GUIs like a pain package. (More) [196k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
BlitzGUIGen Another program for automatically creating source code for the gadtools interface you design. (More) [140k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
GTBoxConv Converts .gui files created by GadToolsBox into Blitz source. (More) [45k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
GUI2BB2 Another program to convert .gui files created by GadToolsBox into Blitz source. (More) [37k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
GUIToolKit A tool for designing Intuition/Gadtools GUIs and Blitz source code. (More) [185k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
 Misc Tools   Short description   Download from 
CLI Compiler A program which runs from the CLI to control the Blitz editor for compiling programs from the command line. (More) [27k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Blitz launcher A small utility to run Blitz 2 and do various things like load previous source, load default source file, tell how long you have been working on source etc. (More) [37k] B2 DE IT SE UK US

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