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Blitz PD disks Blitz Basic 2 came with 3 disks full of example PD games - these archives contain those disks. Most games came with full source, although due to their age, most of them are hardware banging type games. Disk 1 [538k], Disk 2 [381k], Disk 3 [299k]
CRC32 CRC32 (32bit Cylic Redundancy Check) calculation functions. Can be used for things like data integrity checking etc. (More) [4k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
DLL The DLL (Dynamic Linked Lists) routines are a successful attempt at making a Blitz-like linked list set of routines. However, this has the advantage that it does not allocate memory unless needed and the number of items in the list is only limited by memory (unlike Blitz Lists where you have to specify a size). Also includes functions for sorting and searching quickly, many examples and full documentation. (The archive on Aminet is slightly older.) (More) [80k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Examples disk Blitz Basic 2 came with a disk full of example code - this is it. [242k] B2
IFFSave A function that allows you to save pictures in the IFF/ILBM format. Corrects bugs in the Blitz SaveBitMap command. (More) [3k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Manual code All the example code from the Blitz Basic Reference Manual, sorted into the chapters. [323k] B2
Palette remap An example of palette remapping, using chunky bitmaps for speed (AGA/RTG only). [4k] B2
Read directorys Example code showing you how to read the contents of directories and subdirectories into string arrays. (More) [3k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Sample loader Shows you how to load a standrd IFF/8SVX sample from disk. Two sample loading functions - one loads stereo samples and the other fibonacci samples. (More) [3k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Save sample A function that allows you to save samples to a standard IFF/8SVX file from a Blitz program. (More) [5k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Save wave Function to save standard 8bit WAV files from a Blitz program. (More) [5k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Sound length Lets you determine the playing time of .iff/8svx samples in VBlanks. [3k] B2
String compare C style string compare functions which are about 4 times faster than doing a comparison between 2 strings in Blitz and you get more information from the result. (More) [1k] B2 DE IT SE UK US

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