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all.res resident file Contains both the real OS include structures (without the underscores) and the problem ones (with the underscore). Now you can use a single resident file to compile any previously written Blitz code. [164k] B2
3rd parameter bugfix Fixes an important and serious bug in the passing of the third parameter to functions. (More) [11k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Acidlibs updates Four of the Acid libraries bugfixed and updated by RWE. You should use the GadTools fix from below instead of the one in this archive though. [24k] B2
Date library update Update to the Blitz date library, fixes problem with the Date$ command returning the wrong date on 31/12/xxxx. [17k] B2
GadTools updates (7th March 2002) Bugfixed and updated version of the GTLib for Blitz - shapes and visual prefs work well now. (More) [90k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
REDDebugger Update Update for the version of the REDDebugger that comes the the BSS (only!). [46k] B2
REDDebugger Update 2 The same version of the debugger as above, except it does not use interrupt based timing in the main loop. This stops the debugger from slowing your computer down (so far I've only seen WinUAE and Mediator/Voodoo3-NOINT affected like this). (More) [75k] B2
REDHelp fix Fixes problems with the REDHelp scripts and guide files so that they execute correctly and actually work. (More) [178k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
RIARexx library Update for the RI ARexx library which comes with the BSS. [21k] B2
SuperTED 2.52 Update for the editor which comes with the BSS to the latest version. [26k] B2

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