Introduction: Requirements for using Blitz

As an absolute minimum, you could probably write programs in Blitz, on an Amiga with a 68000 processor, OS1.2, 1MB of memory and one floppy disk drive. However, you would probably not be able to write anything useful (and you'd probably go mad trying :). Ideally, you should have a machine which has specifications equal to or greater than the minimum requirements of your program. As with anything else on the Amiga, a hard-drive is extremely useful, and an accelerator with some extra memory will help compile those big programs.

The Blitz compiler should run on any Amiga. The Acid Debugger should run on any Amiga, although the LES and RED Debuggers (v1.21 and v2.5+) both require an operating system version of at least 2. Ted will run on any Amiga, although all versions of SuperTed (v2 and above) require an operating system version of at least 2.

AmiBlitz requires some more stuff than the normal BlitzBasic2. Most notably, you must have a FPU in your system. You also require wizard.library and disassembler.library but both of these should be included in the distribution.

Please bear in mind however, that although you can write programs both on and for Amigas with an operating system version of less than 3, you should not bother, due to their many limitations, and the fact that these releases of the operating system are obsolete. (Hey, even OS3 is going to be obsolete soon, when OS4 gets released!)

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