Introduction: Successful programs written in Blitz

Since Blitz was primarily written as a language for creating games, most commercial successes have been in the form of games. Some of the better games are shown below (in no particular order). Of course, there's nothing stopping you from writing applications, but you don't see many commercial ones written in Blitz.

Successful software written with the help of Blitz

  • Worms (Team17) - the original version anyway, and probably the most famous example of Blitz's abilities
  • Skidmarks series (Acid) - totally kickass car racing madness. Featured cool things such as 8 player racing and the ability to display tracks across two screens (although that needed 2 Amigas)
  • Gloom series (Black Magic) - One of the first FPS (First Person Shooters) available for the Amiga. Very smooth, not as advanced as Doom, but then it still ran OK on 68000 machines.
  • Roadkill (Acid?)
  • Guardian (Acid?) - Blitz was used to create the initial test versions of the game which were then rewritten in assembly language.
  • Foundation (Paul Burkey) - A God game in the syle of Populous
  • Bubble Heroes (?) - [At least, IIRC it was] A puzzle game in a sort of inverted Tetris way - fire multiple bubbles and combine the same colours to burst them and stay in the game
  • Blitz Tennis (?) - A tennis game written in Blitz, obviously :)
  • BlitzBombers (RWE) - Dynablaster clone written in Blitz by RWE. Released free after Hudsonsoft disapproved.
If we got any of these wrong, or you'd like us to add or remove a title from the above list, let us know.
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