Blitz 2000 Introduction: What is the future of Blitz?

Due to Blitz's extendable add-on library system, anything new which appears for the 'classic' Amiga (i.e. <=OS3.9) can be supported by Blitz, through these libraries. Even new OS shared libraries can be added in this way.

Blitz's future looks a little brighter. Bernd Rosch got permission to update Blitz and has now released it (with source) for free as AmiBlitz2. Updates include fixes to some long standing bugs, a faster compiler, optimised 68k code and the ability to use PPC and 68k FPU code.

Frederic Laboureur has been working on a Blitz-like successor, called PureBasic. You can find out more about it from the PureBasic homepage, but to put it simply, it is a BASIC language with all the features of Blitz (and hardly any of the problems) for 68k and PPC (using WarpOS) Amigas, Windows and Linux (running on Intel x86 and clones). Not only can you create GUI programs in 6kB or less, but it is also suitable for games. The best part about this language is that if you stick to the (extensive) built in commands, your source can be fully compatible between versions requiring you to only recompile the program to have versions which run on Amiga, Windows and Linux. Kick ass!

If you swing in PC circles, you've probably also heard by now that Mark Sibly (author of Blitz) has re-written and released Blitz Basic for Windows. Aimed only at games programmers, it allows anyone from the novice to the professional to take control of DirectX easily and concentrate on the important parts of games. You can find out more at the BlitzBasic homepage.

In another mini-revolution, Red When Excited (RWE) have released the source code for everything they were working on for Blitz. This includes a new editor, previously unreleased libraries and updates to the compiler. You can get these from the Freeblitz page. The links to the files on that site have been removed, but you can find them in the archives section of this site, or use these direct links: BSSLibSourc, Registry, Stuff and SuperTED. However, one of these files is now missing, so you might want to take a look in the BSS section of this site.

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