Important files installed to the Blitz2: assign

Here is a list of the important files, that should be in your Blitz2: assign after you have installed it, and what they are for.
Filename Description
Blitz2 The compiler. This is the program you run when you want to edit, run or create an executable from your source code. It can load and save "tokenised" source code, (tokenised meaning that instead of saving the command names as ascii, it saves them as an ID number).
Ted The text editor that is also used as the source code editor when you run the Blitz2 program. When used as Ted, you can edit normal text files. Note, this file (the text editor program) must always be called Ted, even if you use the SuperTed editor.
defaultdbug The debugger. Use it to find errors when running your programs from within Blitz2.
acidlibs All the commands that were written by Acid Software (creators of Blitz) are in this file. These commands are the ones you can find in your reference manual. You will need to download a patch for this file, which concerns a serious bug in the langauge. There are also other patches available in the patches section of this website.
deflibs All the commands from add-on libraries are contained in this file. When you install new libraries, you normally need to run a program called "makedeflibs", which collects all the files in all the subdirectories of the Blitzlibs: assign and joins them into one big deflibs file. On some versions of Blitz (which I cannot remember ATM) you may not have this file and Blitz will directly read the libraries from the subdirectories of the Blitzlibs: assign.
help & help.dat The original help files for the Acid commands. Pressing RAmiga + Help in Blitz2 brings up a window with some information for the command that the cursor is currently over.
dbug (drawer) Other debuggers live in this drawer, and can be selected from the Blitz 2 source editor. Most notably the BSS debugger (REDDebugger). The REDDebugger should also have a file called structure.llokup in this directory. Obviously you will only have these if you installed the BSS.
REDHelp (drawer) Help files for the commands from all the Acid and RWE libraries. These will only be present if you have installed the Blitz Support Suite. Pressing RAlt + Help in Blitz2 (only when using SuperTed v2.5+) should bring up the library description that the command under the cursor is in. Pressing RShift + Help will bring up the description for that command.
userlibs (drawer) Used when developing your own libraries, any placed in this drawer will be loaded when Blitz 2 starts, along with the normal libraries.

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