How to install Blitz 2

When installing AmiBlitz2, and if you are using a full distribution, all you need to do is extract the archive to wherever you want it installed (or extract it to e.g. RAM: and then copy the drawer to where you want) and run the Install script. If you want to install one of the updates, then you (usually) only need to extract the archive to the directory where AmiBlitz2 is already installed.

If you are installing Blitz from the Ultimate Blitz Basic CD, then you should download this install script, as the one supplied on the CD does not work. Additionally, the new install script will install the other libraries from the CD and will also run the install script for the Blitz Support Suite, which is also on the CD, and fix the protection flags for the help related files.

If you are installing from a set of floppy disks (for example, one called "Blitz2" and the other called "Blitzlibs"), you should read the manual about how to install, or use any install script provided. However, if you want to install it manually, here is what to do:

  1. Find the drawer you want to install Blitz 2 in (directories will be created there)
  2. Drag the Blitz2 floppy disk icon into this window
  3. Drag the Blitzlibs floppy disk icon into this window
  4. Edit your 's:user-startup' file using any text editor (for example, go to the workbench execute command menu item and enter "ed s:user-startup"). At the bottom of that file add the lines:
    assign >nil: blitz2: {path}/blitz2
    assign >nil: blitzlibs: {path}/blitzlibs
    where you replace {path} with the drawer you dragged the floppy disk icons to.
In any case, you should end up with an assign named Blitz2: and another named Blitzlibs:. All the programs (compiler, editor, debugger) plus some other files will be in Blitz2: and all the libraries and residents will be in Blitzlibs:. These directories will be described in later sections.

If you are installing the Blitz Support Suite as downloaded from this site, you should read the readme.install file which was in the archive.

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Page last modified: 22nd May 2002