Files installed into the Blitzlibs: assign

File Description
amigalibs.res Contains pre-defined Newtypes and constants for use with the Amiga OS functions.
amigalibs (dir) This is where all the converted OS libraries are stored for use with Blitz. The files will normally be in the format <library_name>.library<number>.
otherlibs All 3rd party libraries are installed into this directory. It is also sometimes called userlibs, although it doesn't matter what the name is, as all subdirectories of Blitzlibs: are scanned for library files.
bb2objtypes#? Definitions of the Newtypes which can be used to access the internals of Blitz 2 objects. Source and resident files supplied.
blitzoffs#? Offsets of various OS functions. Advanced programmers need only apply, although it's probably easier and more useful to convert the lvo files from the assembly language OS includes. Source and resident file supplied.
copmacs.res Macros for creating custom copper lists. Advanced programmers.
libmacs#? Macros for when creating your own libraries. For advanced programmers. Source and resident files supplied
libnums#? List of library ID numbers and what libraries have used them. Very much out of date now, check out the libraries section if you want to know more.
makedeflibs#? Source file for a program which updates your deflibs file to include newly installed libraries.
If you have an older version of Blitz then you may also have another two drawers called System and Basic - in versions 1.9 and above, these have been replaced by the acidlibs file which resides in Blitz2: assign.

Any other drawers within the Blitzlibs: assign are treated the same as the otherlibs drawer, described above. That is they are assumed to contain more third party libraries. so you should assume that as well.

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