Introduction: Blitz Support Suite

The Blitz Support Suite (BSS for short) is a collection of programs and 31 libraries (with examples and full AmigaGuide documentation) for Blitz, written by Red When Excited (RWE). The programs it contains are:
  • latest version of Ted (SuperTed v2.50+)
  • latest version of the debugger (REDDebugger)
  • REDShapeZ, a shape editor for Blitz
  • REDMapEditor, a block map editor for Blitz
The 31 libraries (see libraries section) are also useful, as some of them are the only libraries to contain commands for doing certain things. Note that you need to download two patches; one for SuperTed (download update to v2.52) and the other for the REDDebugger (download patch). It must also be said that although the BSS may be very useful, it is not required to produce programs with Blitz.

The BSS is available for download from these pages! Check out the BSS section in the archives area to download it. The source is also available on that page. You will still need to get the patches mentioned above. You can also get the sources from the FreeBlitz site in four parts (one is now missing): BSSLibSourc, Registry, Stuff and SuperTED.

If you would prefer to buy the BSS, you can find the suppliers on the same list which showed the suppliers for Blitz. Alternatively, the important parts of the BSS have been included in the AmiBlitz distributions, and in some cases have also been updated.

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