Introduction: Where to get Blitz?

You can find AmiBlitz2 on this site, in the Archives section. AmiBlitz2 is the freely available, and updated Blitz Basic 2. There is a full distribution which contains everything you need to start programming in Blitz (2Mb .lha archive). It contains the latest compiler, editor and debugger (equivalent or newer than the Blitz Support Suite versions), all the newest libraries and online help.

If you want to get the original Blitz2, the latest version is v2.1. Due to the age of the product, and the state of the Amiga market, the chances are you may only be able to find it second hand. A list of dealers who used to carry it can be found on this site, although the list has not been updated in a couple of years (note, we are not connected to any of the dealers, they are there because we know they sell/sold Blitz). If you are looking to find it second hand, you should try the excellent Amibench site, which has been specifically created for buying and selling second hand Amiga stuff.

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