Q. When I run Ted, it crashes/has a garbled screenmode?
A. Make sure you are running the latest version of (Super)Ted, either 2.52 if you have the BSS or 2.24 if you do not. You can check this by going into a CLI window and typing version blitz2:ted. If you have the latest version and this still happens, then you should delete the file l:blitzopts and/or the files envarc:ted.prefs and env:ted.prefs. This should force the editor to use the default settings, which are to be like your Workbench.

Q. I don't get an Okee Dokee requester when I run Blitz2!
A. Make sure you have run the Blitz2 program and not the Ted program. However, if you are using AmiBlitz2 you will not see the Okee Dokee requester - you can verify that you have run AmiBlitz2 by making sure there is a Compiler menu on the right side of the menus.

Q. After I click on Okee Dokee a requester pops up saying Library/Token not found: $blah!
A. Your acidlibs and/or deflibs file(s) may have become corrupt. If the number in the requester starts with $FFxx, then it is your acidlibs file which has something wrong with it. If the number starts with $00xx then it is your deflibs file. Try copying the one from the original disk you installed from (for the acidlibs file) or remake your deflibs file (making sure ALL the third party and OS libraries are present in the subdirectories of the Blitzlibs: assign).

Q. If I run a program using the Compiler->Run menu item the program behaves erratically or crashes, even though it worked the first time when I used the Compiler->Compiler & Run menu item. What gives?
A. Badly written 3rd party libraries have not initialised their data before trying to use it. The only way to get around this is to use the Compiler->Compiler & Run menu item each time.

Q. Using the keyboard shortcut for the Compiler->Compiler & Run menu item causes Blitz to crash. Why?
A. This bug has only been reported on a couple of people's systems (mainly with Apollo 060's), and it was not possible to find out why it was happening. Strangely enough, using the Compiler->Compiler & Run menu item iteself rather than the keyboard shortcut works fine.

Q. Blitz or the debugger crashes when I run my program, after compiling, but before my program starts!
A. If you have the debugger enabled, then it could be the debugger is crashing because it cannot open it's windows (if they do not fit on your screenmode). This can easily happen if you recently made your screenmode smaller. Try deleting the files envarc:bb_dbug.prefs and env:bb_dbug.prefs.

Q. The REDHelp shortcut keys doesn't seem to work!
A. First, make sure you are using SuperTed v2.50+ and have installed the REDHelp files (some ARexx scripts and a lot of AmigaGuide files). You should also check that the ARexx scripts and any executable programs have the correct protection flags set. If you used the updated install script for the Ultimate Blitz Basic CD then this will already have been done for you. If not, you can get the REDHelp fix. You should then load up Blitz2 and go to the 'Custom->Edit' menu item and make sure the hotkeys are set up to launch the REDHelp system.

Q. I get a ton of Enforcer hits from the REDDebugger.
A. This will happen if you have the register and memory windows open. They both read the contents of memory at whatever their current settings are, and by default these can be zero (which is an invalid address, and will cause Enforcer hits). The only thing you can do it either work with these windows closed (save your configuration when they are closed to stop the Enforcer hits when you run your program) or disbale Enforcer when using the Blitz debugger. Unfortunately, there are also a few other Enforcer hits lurking in the REDDenugger, like when you cancel some requesters. There is no way around this.

Q. I get really weird runtime errors from the debugger.
A. First of all, make sure this isn't a programming error in your code - chances are that it will be :) However, if you get completely unexplainable errors from the debugger, there is the possiblity that it is Blitz's fault. One such problem is when you try to call a statement or function and have a medium complexity expression in one of the parameters (i.e. foo+bar\blah[23]+bar\blah[56]-1). One way to get round this is to calculate that expression and store it in a variable before you call your statement.

Q. AmiBlitz2/PED shows some really weird characters instead of tokens!
A. The reason this happens is because PED allows the use of characters with ASCII codes higher than 128 (mostly non-English characters). However, characters above 128 are also used for indicating tokens. Sometimes when you get a "..." pair incorrect, the characters can get messed up - fixing the quote marks will fix the token. This can also happen if you cut or delete a large part out of a line with the keyboard shortcuts, but again moving the cursor off the line will fix the token. In both cases, you will not lose any data.

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