Troubleshooting general problems with your Blitz Basic 2 installation and use

General Blitz problems (not programming ones!) are discussed here, for example if Blitz seems to be crashing for no reason (and not because your programs are trashing the computer!).


  1. When I run Ted, it crashes/has a garbled screenmode?
  2. I don't get an Okee Dokee requester when I run Blitz2!
  3. After I click on Okee Dokee a requester pops up saying Library/Token not found: $blah!
  4. If I run a program using the Compiler->Run menu item the program behaves erratically or crashes, even though it worked the first time when I used the Compiler->Compiler & Run menu item. What gives?
  5. Using the keyboard shortcut for the Compiler->Compiler & Run menu item causes Blitz to crash. Why?
  6. Blitz or the debugger crashes when I run my program, after compiling, but before my program starts!
  7. The REDHelp shortcut keys doesn't seem to work!
  8. I get a ton of Enforcer hits from the debugger.
  9. I get really weird runtime errors from the debugger.
  10. AmiBlitz2/PED shows some really weird characters instead of tokens!
If you have any questions which you need answered and would fit into this section, please mail us your question.

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