About variables

Computers are (generally speaking) tools for processing data in some way. Programming languages are the way which we make the computers process the data, and so they have to be able to access information stored on the computer and be able to process it. To process it, chances are we will at some stage be changing the information.

So the information is variable.

Variables are therefore the places we store information in our programming language, so that we may process it. You can store anything you want in variables, whether it is text based (names, addresses, etc), numerical (ages, dates, number of beers left in fridge, etc) or anything else. If you keep in mind that how it's stored in the computer (since it's almost always just binary numbers, at a low level) is not as important as how you interpret it, then you be opening your mind up for Zen like programming freedom in the future.

OK, that's the end of the pointless ramblings, go on to the next section for some useful information about using variables in Blitz.

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