David McMinn's minimal homepage (and even now there is too much stuff here).
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Read about my research (also has thesis, code and software downloads)

Selected links:
GeoWorld (AmigaOS geography program)
Scalos (AmigaOS desktop replacement)
PureBasic (cross platform Basic programming language)
Blitz2000 (where all the Blitz2 stuff from this site is)

For download:
PB2HTML custom tool to convert your PureBasic source to HTML. Very old and probably doesn't support keywords or syntax of v4 and above. Read more. 30th March 2011
Linked list re-implementation for PureBasic allowing you to put linked lists inside linked lists. Read more. - 9th February 2008
sendmapi tool to allow sending of email on Windows using MAPI where sendmail doesn't work. Read more. 17th November 2005
ReadArgs example and functions on how to parse command line parameters or arguments handling many formats of input. Read more. 17th November 2005
Sort extras PureBasic procedures for advanced sorting of arrays and lists, also with structures (read more) - 28th June 2004
Layout demo (Windows demo program for my automatic gadget layout code - 2nd July 2004)
HTTP transfer source written in PureBasic
Viewfonts2 (AmigaOS font viewer/manager) and the Blitz2 source
Dir2HTML (AmigaOS HTML index file creator) and Dir2HTML translations
MSD (AmigaOS AGA game demo for which I did the 68k assembly programming)
Landscaper (AmigaOS isometric random landscape generator)

Last updated: 30th March 2011