Introduction: What is Blitz Basic 2?

Blitz Basic 2 (aka Blitz 2, aka Blitz) is a BASIC programming language, written by Acid Software, for the Amiga computer. Because it is a BASIC language, it is easy to use, although there are many features that make it far more powerful than a regular BASIC language and almost on a par with languages like C.

Blitz produces fast running (compared to other BASICs) programs and makes it easy to create applications and games, as there are a lot of commands to simplify the operations that you need when writing these types of programs.

Blitz the language supports all versions of the Amiga Operating System, from 1.2 to 3.9, both in the programs it creates and the programs which make up the Blitz package. However, newer versions of some Blitz programs require newer versions of the OS, and some 3rd party libraries that you can use in your programs will also require newer versions (thus making your program require a newer version of the OS).

The Blitz Basic 2 package consists mainly of three programs:

  • Blitz 2 (compiler)
  • Ted (text / program editor)
  • Debugger
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