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AmiBlitz archives See either the AmiForce website for distributions or
Bernd/Sven's file area for updates, betas and patches.
Installer Updated and fixed installer script for the Ultimate Blitz Basic CD. This script will fully and correctly install Blitz, BSS, the extra libraries, apply the 3rd parameter fix and fix the RedHelp for you. (More) [6k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Icons Some replacement icons (2x1 aspect, 4 colour) for Blitz2 on a standard Workbench color scheme. (More) [2k] B2 DE IT SE UK US
Icons (MWB) Replacement icons for Blitz Basic 2 done in the 'Magic WorkBench' style. [9k] B2
Icons (NewIcon style) Replace the ugly Blitz2 icons with ones done in a NewIcons style. [15k] B2

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